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Release, Resolve, Rest

That was what came to me in the whisper of the energy in the room. It was actually, Order, Release, Resolve, Rest. But that was the message for my client. I took from that experience, the last three words.

I went to sleep with joy in my heart and a peace in my resolve of moving in my purpose. But in my mind, as I traveled through my imagination, envisioning myself in ceremony and ritual by the river, I heard my prayers of thanksgiving, I was conjuring a spell of release. I was cutting soul ties, dissolving partnerships with pain and trauma, untethering toxic behaviors and letting them float out of my space and be submerged in the water. I could feel the jubilation of the lightness in my body. I was dancing and moving in time with drums and songs of praise. We were having a grand time caught up in the celebration of freedom!

Releasing, letting go of things that have expired is one of the most difficult habits to form. We have been taught to collect, store and hold on to everything. Laying claim to things as if we may never have anything else. Even the unpleasant stuff we hold ownership and claim it as ours to keep. But that is causing blockages that are hindering us from expanding in new ideas and depths of ourselves. We can wade through all of the clutter. The reminders are so present that we are to jaded to try new things and experience hope and wonder. Milk is a source of nutrition and grows our bodies, but once it has expired or soured, if we continue to drink it, it will be toxic or hurtful to our digestive system. What gave us life, can potentially kill us. We have to get while the getting is pertinent and when it's over, thank it and release it back into the great beyond.

And we have to learn to be okay with letting go. We have to come to a resolve within ourselves that letting go is good for us and makes room for us to receive a different experience, lesson or blessing. Self-care and self preservation is a human right. You must ask yourself, how is this benefiting me? Am I sacrificing myself, am I sabotaging myself, am I allowing the life to be sucked out of me and withering into a lifeless shell of myself. Where is my joy, my hope, my peace?

Its okay to stand up for yourself and hold space for yourself. Whew, that was hard work. Releasing and being okay with your decisions to remove dissolve the alliance. Now it time to rest and reset. Reset so you can make the adjustments to move in your new normal. To create new experiences without the input or bonds of familiarity. It's all new and all you!!

Use your words boldly to create the action of release. Conjure with the power of your Shu, your Ase' to carry your intentions to the ears of the Universe. "I release self-sabotage, negative thinking and speaking. I free myself of self loathing, distrust and feelings of inadequacy. I let go of trauma, drama and the need to prove myself. The need to always be right and perfect, flawless, irreproachable. I speak into the rocks at the river and thank them for taking my burdens and carrying them out to the sea, never to return. I am spent, full, and satisfied. So now I rest.

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