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In the Self-Care Series, this decadent blend takes Self-Care to the next level. Indulge yourself in the deliciously sweet aroma of Rose & lotus. Spend some time daydreaming & lavishing the sensual, sexy, Diva in YOU.


Fully dressed, Just For Me ushers you into your Sacred sanctuary. The indulgent fragrance reminds you to celebrate your wins and handle yourself carefully. You are beautifully & wonderfully made. You are Regal!



Rose: Uplifts vibrational frequencies

Lotus: Rebirth & resurrection

Chamomile: For hopes, wishes, & dream fulfillment



Rose Quartz: Encourages unconditional love, self forgiveness, kindness, & acceptance.


Aventurine: Promotes compassion, open-mindedness, empathy, prosperity, leadership & decisiveness.


Just for me - 100% Organic Soy Candle

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